PianoGrands - Fine Antique Pianos

Do We Buy Pianos?

Yes, we buy pianos, generally grands. We may be interested in uprights and squares if they are particularly early or extraordinary. If you are interested in selling your instrument, PLEASE send the following information:

  1. Everything written on the piano fallboard or keycover (the part which flips up above the keys), as well as anything written on the soundboard or the area around the tuning pins.
  2. Any numbers you find and where you found it. These serial numbers are sometimes on the soundboard under the strings, and sometimes printed or stamped on the pinblock near the tuning pins. You may have to remove the music desk to see this.
  3. The length of the piano. Measure along the long straight side of the piano from the front of the molding in front of the keys to a point perpendicular to the longest distance on the opposite end.
  4. The number of keys.
  5. The color/type of wood / any special characteristics of the case.
  6. Remarks about the physical and the playing and tuning condition.
  7. Has the piano ever had any alterations, repairs, or restoration work done? What, when and by whom.
  8. IMPORTANT: Where is the piano geographically? Where are you? Keep in mind that shipping costs for pianos are high.
  9. Anything you know about the history of this particular piano.
  10. Lots of photos. Please limit the size. We don't appreciate receiving megabytes of attachments in our inboxes. Closeups of the interior, exterior, keyboard, legs, pedal lyre, music desk, any numbers or writing are particularly helpful.