PianoGrands - Fine Antique Pianos


  • Appraisals
    For a moderate fee, PianoGrands offers antique piano appraisals for insurance or other purposes and provides a written report. Please send an e-mail to a.acker@comcast.net or call (570) 278-4159 / (912) 898-1033. Often we can make an appraisal with a verbal description, a set of detailed photographs and a discussion with your local technician. Please refer to "Do We Buy Pianos?" for a detailed list of questions.
  • Evaluations
    Would you like to know more about the antique piano you just inherited? Are you wondering if you should buy that piano at an estate sale? If you are considering acquiring a new or antique historic keyboard, desire a report on an instrument you are selling or wish to have the condition of your piano evaluated, we are available for a consultation. Usually this requires an on-site visit. We travel extensively and can often schedule a personal visit as we pass by your way.
  • Consultations / Research
    General assistance is available at an hourly fee.
  • Restoration / Tuning
    As a general rule, we are busy restoring our own pianos. Due to numerous requests, we do, however, take on a select number of restorations for clients. We also will tune or do minor repairs for a client's instrument if we are in the vicinity.
  • Rentals
    Fortepianos are available for short or long-term rentals for personal or concert purposes. Concert rentals generally include tunings and maintenance, move-in and move-out. Grand pianos are available for rental under special circumstances.
  • All services involving harpsichords, clavichords, and pianos dating before 1850 are handled through Anne's separate business: Anne Acker Early Keyboards