PianoGrands - Fine Antique Pianos

Why Choose an Antique Piano?

  • Beauty and Style 
    The handmade antique pianos carefully selected and meticulously restored by PianoGrands are unrivaled in design, style, craftsmanship and beauty. Science and art were still one. Many of the veneers found on these extraordinary instruments are no longer available or are prohibitively expensive on modern pianos. The timeless beauty of an antique piano is evident in each and every PianoGrands instrument.
  • Quality Craftsmanship  In earlier times, the piano was one of the most important posessions in a home of distinction. Indeed, this can be true today with a fine antique instrument. Meticulous care was taken by dedicated craftsmen at each and every stage of manufacture, a level of care rarely seen today.
  • The Sound  The great classical, romantic and impressionist composers knew and wrote for the sound of our pianos. In turn, piano makers built their instruments to please the great composers and performers. PianoGrands instruments display a clarity, a profoundness, and a sweetness so important to an intimate age. You will find it easier to play Brahms without muddiness, while Mozart's bass lines will balance with the upper voices. It is not uncommon for players used to modern pianos to express tears of joy when they hear the true sound behind the music they've been playing for so long. PianoGrands instruments were built with harmony, rhetoric and passion in mind, unlike modern piano design, where the power needed to fill the huge concert halls of today is often the driving design force.
  • Ergonomics   The lighter, faster and more supple actions of antique pianos are a joy. Players remark how well they can express themselves on our pianos. Have you ever wondered why much of the early piano repertoire is often painful to practice on a modern piano? Why do many conservatory students suffer tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, sometimes with permanent injury? They don't realize that much of the music they study was written for pianos with faster, lighter actions. For example, the typical modern piano has a touchweight averaging over 50 grams. Antique pianos usually have far lighter touchweights.
  • Investment  Fine antique pianos are becoming increasingly rare and valuable. Reproductions are not feasible. PianoGrands instruments are heirlooms to be passed down for generations. A well cared for antique piano will likely appreciate alongside your other fine antiques.