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Our Pianos

PianoGrands' instruments are musical and aesthetic treasures. They are distinguished by elegant cases, decorative carving, brass inlay, scroll-cut music desks, and graceful pedal lyres and legs. Each is carefully evaluated and expertly brought to its full artistic and musical potential using our decades of experience.

PianoGrands is committed to instruments of the highest aesthetic and playing standards from the world's most respected and famous manufacturers. Pianos of this caliber are historical treasures as well as sound investments. Each is a joy to behold, play and listen to.

Nineteenth century pianos of this caliber are not reproducible. Part of this stems from the limited availability of skilled craftsmen. Our instruments were built by hand in an age without electricity. Moreover, many of the materials, particularly old growth wood and rare veneers, are just not available. As with the violins crafted by the early Italian masters, each PianoGrands instrument possesses a bit of magic, with secrets that remaining hidden even to modern science.

Fine 19th century pianos by the same makers as those in the PianoGrands collection were displayed in the exhibit "Piano 300" presented by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C - www.piano300.si.edu

The PianoGrands collection includes antique pianos by the illustrious Viennese houses of Bösendorfer, Schweighofer and Streicher, English Broadwood, French Erard as well as America's two finest manufacturers, Chickering and Steinway. PianoGrands also carries a number of other fine manufacturers from around the world as well as rare and one-of-a-kind instruments of special interest to both collectors and musicians.

PianoGrands is proud to hold one of the largest and finest collections of antique pianos in North America. This is especially true of Bösendorfer and other outstanding Viennese school pianos. Since the late 18th century, Vienna was the center of the classical music world. In turn, Vienna was and remains at the technological forefront of piano refinement and manufacture.

The legendary Bösendorfer is acclaimed for both its sound and beauty. These pianos were played by Liszt, Brahms and Bartók. Today, antique Bösendorfers are still held in the highest regard by connoisseurs, musicians and composers.

PianoGrands also carries Vienna's two other most famous piano makers. Streicher, with its roots tracing to 1754 through Johann Andreas Stein, was instrumental in many innovations. He and his daughter, Nanette, built early pianos favored by Mozart. After her marriage to Jean Baptiste Streicher, they changed the name of the company in 1802 and later custom built pianos for Beethoven. Schweighofer was established in 1792, distinguishing it as the oldest brand in Vienna. Their instruments are renowned for their fine cases and exquisite sound. It is important to note that these three distinguished houses together never produced more than a few hundred instruments annually, resulting in their considerable rarity today.